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Liquidators for over 24 years

           Closeout Liquidators corporate goal is to exceed your expectations. We work hard to offer our customer the best merchandise, for the lowest prices. Anything you might find in a department store, office supply, or hardware store, we have available! We are dedicated to helping you sell the best closeout merchandise that will make you the most profit!

          We work hard to use that liquidation experience for the benefit of our suppliers and our customers.  We are rated excellent by D&B and sell wholesale lots, surplus merchandise, warehouse overstocks, salvage merchandise, store liquidations, shelf pulls, store closeouts,  wholesale pallets, customer returns, excess inventory, and truckloads of other unique bellow wholesale merchandise for pennies on the dollar.

            We sell to auctioneers, Bargain dealers, Retail stores,  Flea market vendors, Thrift stores, Liquidators, Wholesalers, Surplus stores, Distributors, Exporters, Mom and Pop stores, and Dollar stores. But anyone who has a business can purchase.

            The reason we have such low prices in contrast to other wholesale liquidators, is because the middle man is completely cut out. We deal directly with manufacturers, distributors, and importers and work hard to negotiate the best deals so you don’t have to. We understand to be successful in today’s market place you have to be efficient and keep your expenses low while keeping revenue high! Why pay more? Buy direct, and save!  


            As successful sellers know, the secret to success is buying in wholesale bulk lots. Many sellers make the mistake of buying one or two pallets at a time and wonder why after costs there is no profit left.  In a sense the seller is basically buying the item for a discounted retail, rather then wholesale. Buying in bulk makes the most profit. Why get a 20% mark up when you can get a 200% mark up!


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